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A Child's Fantastic Stories Are Not Always Just A Thing Of Their Imagination. Often They Are Very Real And Sometimes Very Frightening For The Child. Help Them To Understand What They See Or Hear. Remember Children Are Still Very Connected To The Other Side Of Which They May Still Have Memories, See Angels Or Guides And May Want To Share Them With You. Sometimes Children Have Memories Of Past Life's Please Do Not Just Discount Their Stories As Fiction, They May Be Far More Real Than You Realize.

Juls has had psychic experiences since childhood, although she did not realize they were psychic experiences, like most of us, she had no understanding of such things.

The Logo for Intuitive Spiritual Center

One of her major life changing psychic experiences happened while Juls was attending Sunday evening church services through a vision shown to her by God, she often calls God Spirit. That vision, while at the time appeared to be devastating, set her on a course that has brought her here, doing the work God intended for her to do all along. God has been the leading force in Juls life. In 2007 she turned her life over to Spirit, saying, "You Lead, I Will Follow." That is when her Intuitive/Psychic voice really started to increase.

Some of the things God told Juls to do was hard to follow but she did. Though at the time she had no idea how it would be possible, as it turned out everything she was told to do was always possible, and always turned out better than she could have ever imagined. The hardest thing she was told to do was to quit her job and go to school without income, she did and Spirit provided her every need, every step of the way.

Juls started doing intuitive readings for the public in 2007 and has been ever since.

When Spirit told Juls to open Intuitive Spiritual Center, she had no idea how she could do it without money to pay the first month rent and deposit, not to mention all the other expenses that go along with opening a business, but spirit lead the way. Within two weeks the center was opened and

The rest is history!

When it came time for the logo Spirit helped Juls and together they drew the Logo.

Seen to the left.

The symbols are Alpha and Omega the others spell out energy. Those letters were given through a meditation about Atlantis.

2014 Juls handed the center over to Jan Myers and she added a store and named it Stone Soup.

Juls At Stonehenge

Driving along the country road leading to the entrance gate, we rounded the bend, looking at an open field, with a beautiful gently sloping landscape. I gaze across the field, then suddenly, out of nowhere, there they are! Taking my breath away! Gigantic rocks on the horizon, raising out of the ground and reaching up to the sky. Even though we were a distance from the stones, it is a remarkable sight. I could not believe how huge they really were. 

I desperately wanted to go into the circle and touch them but there was a low fence of rope that ask people to stay out and I did.

I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to visit these ancient stones.

Juls Aura Photos

What Does Juls Constantine Do

Juls is an Intuitive/Psychic, Card Reader, Lightworker, Spiritual Educator, Energy Healer and a Licensed Massage Therapist MA56036, Certified Professional Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser, Ordained Minister And Published Author.

Juls mission is to help other people to be the best they can be and know they can create what they desire!

Twelve years of living in Scotland and England helped Juls to let go of her close minded limited thinking and to gain knowledge and understanding about herself, and her spiritual path. She was at the beginning stage with much to learn. It would take years of learning how to listen to Spirit before she would be ready to step out into the public world and help others. In 2008 Juls did her first public readings, later she started doing some teaching and she continues growing in Spirit. Juls attention is focused on helping others find their spiritual path and become all they can be, sometimes it is through her readings others it is through her classes.

One On One Sessions

Teaching Classes

Helps Others Through Reading


Hand Made Spirit Cards by Juls

Juls at a psychic fair doing intuitive readings using the Spirit Cards she made with the help of her guides.


So many people with open intuitive and psychic abilities were being led to Juls, she tried to explain how they could use their new found abilities, but you cannot accomplish that in a few minutes during a reading. Because of this she called on her Holy Spirit Guide for help. It was with the help of her Guides that she created: Psychic Development Workshop by Juls. It has been a huge success! All the students who have attended were able to do a psychic reading during the workshop. Some are now working in the Psychic community reading for other people. Others only want to learn how to use their intuitive/psychic abilities to help themselves. Either way the Workshop has helped many people to accept and understand their own innate God given abilities!

Lisa wanted to take the Intuitive/Psychic Development Workshop so she could do readings for other people. The photo above is Lisa reading for people at a local Psychic Fair. She is now a Psychic working in Las Vegas

Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing

With the aid of universal healing energy, Juls

Clears and Balances Chakras. As an Energy Healer, she allows the holy light of Spirit to flow through her hands sending the healing energy throughout the clients entire body.

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