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Early Spring, Juls did a card reading that turned out to be very succinct. By mid summer, ALL of the predictions came to fruition! What really impresses me is that what one card "read" was so wonderfully, wildly, far fetched, yet it too came true. Wow!


I am currently a student in Juls' Transform Your Life Program and it has turned out to be a source of guidance and affirmation during this very pivotal time in my life. The insight provided by Juls with regard to my relationships and career opportunities has been phenomenal and her readings have amazed me with their accuracy. When I have questions that arise from my meditation practice, Juls offers advice and insight with help from her spirit guides. I am so thankful to have met Juls and to be afforded the wonderful opportunity to transform my life with her help.

Lisa L.

Transform Your Life Program student & friend 1/28/15


I have taken 3 Psychic Development classes, each one more fun and helpful than the previous one. Juls is such a truly delightful teacher. I have learned to use my God given intuition and talents much easier with her guidance. Thank you Juls, for the fantastic reading today , lots of confirmations and chills !!! Love you

terry j.

satisfied customer

May 3, 2012 Attending Julia Constantine's PHYSIC DEVELOPMENT WORK SHOP was a wonderful and enlightening experience. My first impression upon entering the room was that I was in a safe place among friends. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Julia and the other members of the workshop. Julia is authentic. Her mission is to serve and assist all of us in our search for our divine purpose. She teaches us to develop our innate abilities. I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish with her guidance. She is kind and loving and generous with her wisdom. I attended a workshop to develop my physic abilities and made friends for life. I would urge anyone on this path, to sign up for Julia?s workshop. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Trust your intuition. Sandra

Sandra Rushing

Juls just where do i begin?First meeting you has changed my life forever. You told me things about myself that for years i couldnt understand.I am forever grateful to you.Things that my loving grandmother told me when i was a child that no one but her and i could of ever known.And much more.Attending your class was so eye opening for me,i know now that anything is possible,for me it started with learning to forgive and to move on.opening my heart to share the love i have to offer to the ones that are willing to receive it.I still have a few rough edges to smooth out but i know with friends like you in my life everything will work out as planned.I look forward to coming to another one of your classes. You were right on with your readings.Your friend , Toby

toby hill

Holy crap, she's good. I was amazed, yet shocked, about everything you told me, you accurately hit on all sorts of things. You talked about my dad's heart attack very accurate. Some things creeped me out a little because you were so accurate, without having knowledge of anything beforehand. There were so many things that came out in this reading and they were all correct even things I did not recognize at the time we were talking on the phone. You quickly confirmed that you were the real deal. What I liked most was you knew nothing about me before the reading the stuff you told me could not have been just made up it was to personal. My mind is reeling and trying to processing everything right now. Georgia


I had a reading at Capstone House Feb. 12 2011 I felt that you were right on with everything that you said. You confirmed for me that I am on the right track. I thought you might want confirmation that what you told me was correct. I Know you talked to a lot of people and may not remember what you said so I will go back over it. You said I had a great grandfather who was an Indian. You said you were getting North Carolina, that I descend through his daughter and that the Tribe was Cherokee. You also said that there was a piece of jewelry handed down in the family. My great great grandfather David Ketchum who was born in 1795 in Stokes Co,. North Carolina I descend from his daughter Nancy Jane. My cousin Mark has a turquoise and silver ring which was given to him by his father, who said it had been passed down to him from our mutual great great grandfather, David Ketchum. I would say you were right, wouldn't you? Kathleen


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